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Virtuemart 3 Product Filter by Custom Fields

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The item is free now. You can download VM3 and VM2 versions below. The activation form is opened for everyone. The activation will be removed in the next release which we are working on.


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  • Customfield plug-in allowing to choose several product values from drop-down list
  • No third-party components! Work directly with Virtuemart 3 via plug-in system
  • Search module searching by customfields, categories, manufacturers with wide assortment of templates
  • Search by price considering discounts and display as slider with highlighted active values
  • AJAX module update, as well as AJAX products list update, in case of changes in filter parameters
  • Sorting and management of customfield values via user-friendly interface
  • Calculation of products quantity corresponding to each parameter, depending on already chosen parameters, and imitation of linked lists by hiding zero parameters
  • Manual link to categories, as well as ability to automatically select fields
  • No changes to Virtuemart 3 code. Clean installation.
  • Detailed documentation with loads of screenshots

== Requirements: ==
Joomla 2.5, 3.x
Virtuemart 3.0.x, 2.6.x, 2.0.x

== Author: ==
Dmitriy Usov

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