Wednesday 29 May 2024


We are glad to announce the release of version 2.0. In the process of development we decided to change the customfields information storage structure in the database. Thanks to this change search speed increased dramatically. The change of the database structure has lead to incompatibility between 2.0 and 1.x versions. 

See the preview on our test site where we have 5000 products with 5 additional custom fields for each: DEMO 5000


What's new in v2.0.6:
* added an optionto change the name of every first (default) item in the dropdown menu separately in every custom field
* mechanism of folding/unfolding field values on clicking the field headline (the state is stored in cookies)
* field won't be displayed if all its values are not associated with any product and template of number of products = hidden
* fixed the search type 'AND' (use with caution, may decrease performance!)
* improved language constants processing in the module, plugin and admin panel
* fixed processing Tax/Datax conditions while using "default rules" (use with caution, may decrease performance!)
* minor bug fixes and improvements
* the filter has been adapted for VM v2.0.22a
* ATTENTION: All the files have been changed. If you modified templates please modify (update) them according to new changes

V2.0.5 changes:

 * fixed an error with automatic field select
 * the module now works with override prices
 * added an option to modify the list of categories displayed in the module
 * additional small fixes

New in version 2.0:

* Version 2.x is incompatible with the old 1.x. 
Search speed has been increased 5-20 times thanks to the change of the database tables structure.
* Added a possibility to search for child products alone and in chain with their parents (child products are found and parents are shown). Plugin stockable is now supported.
Added an option to use fields as “cart attribute” (without changes to price)
Product count mechanism has been optimized (products associated with custom field values)
Added a long-expected “reset” button for every custom field and for the whole module
* New version is supported by a powerful component CSV Improved v.5.9. 
* [2.0.4] Added a new template that allows searching by color

* [2.0.4] Added a new template for numeric fields: input_double

[2.0.4] Implemented a migration script from version 1.х to 2.x

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