Monday 24 Jun 2024

v1.6 (Linked lists)

* full support of linked lists: one field will be linked with another (or its value) and it will be displayed only in case the linked field has been chosen
* consider subcategories while searching
* show only subcategories of the already opened or manual specified category
* optimization processing of the CSV import
* new values are being added in the list of the fields while processing CSV import
* error while copying was corrected as well as error while copying in new versions of Virtuemart 2 for all the plugins
* calculation of the amount of products for their values was optimized
* a new fix, that doesn’t break the order of the field while saving, was introduced
* you can indicate the template for displaying values with zero amount of products separately in every field
* selection of parent field in the module was chainged into a drop-down list
* ability to change the image of Ajax loader and load your own images
* a new block for Javascript code which will be running during the first load of the module
* [v 1.6.1] fix XML file error
* [v 1.6.2] some bugs fixed
[v 1.6.3] some bugs fixed
* [v 1.6.5] critical error fixed
* [v 1.6.5] logic of "search in active category" updated
* [v 1.6.5] customfields "slider_" template updated 
* [v 1.6.5] price range updated (consider "in stock")

* хм 1ю6ю5ъ скшешсфд уккщк ашчув
* хм 1ю6ю5ъ дщпшс ща Эыуфкср шт фсешму сфеупщкнЭ гзвфеув
* хм 1ю6ю5ъ сгыещьашудвы Эыдшвук_Э еуьздфеу гзвфеув 
* хм 1ю6ю5ъ зкшсу кфтпу гзвфеув (сщтышвук Эшт ыещслЭ)

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