Monday 24 Jun 2024

v1.3 (AJAX)

 * AJAX module updates in case the parameters are changed

 * Calculation of products correlated to parameter in module depending on already chosen parameters
 * Output template for “zero”parameters (hide/block/display)
 * Due to the abovementioned features imitation of linked lists is possible
 * A field for block titles and “zero” values of drop-down lists of categorieis/manufacturers/price/fields in the module has been added
 * Subproducts are not taken into account in search
 * Plenty of minor bugs fixed
 * Module display on administrative panel has been changed
 * [v1.3.3] “Horizontal” template bug has been fixed (calculation had been done incorrectly)
 * [v1.3.3] when a category page is loading, module update via AJAX is done (if it is turned on), otherwise module indications refer to all the products, not only chosen category
 * [v1.3.4] The error which changed the result of JURI::root() with module turned on has been fixed
 * [v1.3.4] Blank value is assigned to the field of "text non drop-down list" type added to the product
 * [v1.3.4] Now you can remove value data of product field correctly
 * [v1.3.5] Navigation through the VM categories pages has been fixed (in v 2.0.8 was not working because of other improvements)
 * [v1.3.5] automatic verification and loading of slider library
 * [v1.3.5] a link to Virtuemart functional pages has been added
 * [v1.3.5] a link to the virtuemart 2 categories has been added
 * [v1.3.5] a link to search page has been amended, which allows to identify it by menu item "virtuemart - category - top level" (this is important to link the module by standard means of Joomla)
 * [v1.3.6] JS-code has been updated (important for VM lower than 2.0.7 version)
 * [v1.3.7] AJAX product list update
 * [v1.3.7] Pop-up tips near fields titles (JTooltips)
 * [v1.3.7] Display of total products found in module button “show” (previously "search")
 * [v1.3.7] Parameter data removal from DB has been improved
 * [v1.3.7] ATTENTION: templates have been thoroughly updated, please be attentive when you make updates


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