Monday 24 Jun 2024


 *Search by price considering discounts

 * Data types split: text and numeric. Numeric type is needed to search by intermediate numeric values with more than 20 options, e.g. “power”, “length”, etc. For the fields like “Clothes size”, where there are few options, use text drop-down list
 * "Drop-down list" field parameter. In case of "no" allows to enter any value, not to choose from list.
 * Options are chosen automatically from non drop-down lists
 * Slider template, double slider for fields template
 * Change “left join” for “join” in language tables
 * improved open category data processing
 * minor bugs fixed
 * change the condition of module form output verification (search only by category/manufacturer/ price)
 * search through all the products not only those with indicated fields, if fields values are not specified
 * Price: template with slider
 * [v1.1.1] Numeric values display in product card was improved
 * [v1.1.2] Data processing for product publications and their parent categories have been added
 * [v1.1.2] Multiselect category template output bug has been fixed
 * [v1.1.3] Verification of the fields output in module

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