Friday 19 Apr 2024


 * Search by manufacturer

 * Manufacturers display template
 * "Radio" template for manufacturers and fields
 * Changing data crossing selection (AND/OR) of different values of one field
 * Plug-in exemplar has a “search” parameter
 * Search request has been substantially optimized (large request, caches for further navigation, time display). The largest request: search by 5 parameters with all the options indicated, considering search by category, manufacturer and priceс for 1000 products lasts ~0.09 seconds on hosting for 44 RUR per month ( Further navigation is cached and request takes only ~0.007 seconds.
 * Automatic detection of the fields output for search considering the products of current category (large request, caches, time display). To review the work you should move to any VM category.
 * Data transfer method options (get/post)
 * A number of bugs found while testing has been fixed

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