Monday 24 Jun 2024

K2 page title plugin

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K2 activation
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The item is free now. You can download it below. The activation form is opened for everyone. The activation will be removed in the next release.




K2 title plugin adds an additional field "page title" into items and categories of K2 component allowing you to make different from item and category titles.



1. Install the archive using Extension Manager (2 plugins and a module will be installed)
2. Publish 2 plugins of the same name "plg_myextPagetitleK2" using Plugins manager
3. Request an activation key via webform on the extension page and paste the key you receive in email into the activation key field in the plugin plg_myextPagetitleK2 of the "system" type
4. Publish the module in any visible position and show it on all pages

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